General Information

Maine can be a difficult place to get around if you don’t own a car. Below are several organizations that can help you get around Portland, and also get from Portland to Boston.




Regional Transportation Program (RTP) Portland

About:  RTP is a ride sharing service that provides transportation to people who live in and visit Cumberland County. People who need a ride have to book rides in advance.

Phone:  (207) 774-2666

See a map or visit the website.


About:  Uber is an app that you can download for your phone. It works like a taxi service, but everything is done through the app. You provide your credit or debit card information, and you can request an Uber to pick you up wherever you are. After you get dropped off at your destination, your card will be charged for the ride. Uber rides between points on the peninsula in Portland generally average around $9.

Visit the website to find out more and download the app.

Taxi Services in Portland:

207 Taxi:  (207) 774-2255 or Visit the website.

Portland Taxi Service:  (207) 807-9079 or Visit the website.

        Best Taxi & Transport Service: (207) 766-6600 or Visit the website.




About:  METRO is the bus system in the Greater Portland area. All high school students enrolled at Portland, Deering, and Casco Bay high schools get a free unlimited METRO student pass to use during the school year, including weekends and breaks.

Phone:  (207) 774-0351

Visit the website to see bus routes and other information.



Greater Portland Bike Swap

About:  Once a year, the Bicycle Coalition of Maine holds a Bike Swap at the University of Southern Maine. The bike swap is a great place to buy a used bike for a reasonable price.

Visit the website for more information.


Getting from Portland to Boston

Amtrak Downeaster

About:  The Amtrak Downeaster is the train service that runs from Maine to Boston. There are several trains a day that leave from Portland and run to North Station in Boston.

Visit the website for train schedules and ticket prices.

Concord Coach Lines

About:  Concord Coach Lines is the bus service that runs from Maine to Boston. Buses generally run from Portland to Boston every hour.

Visit the website to see the bus schedule and ticket prices.