Legal Aid

General Information

If you need help with your immigration status or have another legal problem, you may contact one of the legal aid organizations listed here. An attorney may be able to help you for no or little cost.



Pine Tree Legal Assistance

About:  Pine Tree provides free legal help to people in Maine who have low incomes. Attorneys at Pine Tree provide assistance with many different kinds of civil cases, including family matters (for example, divorce and parental rights and responsibilities), housing, and employment and income matters.

For more information and to find an office near you, visit the website.




Immigrant Legal Advocacy Project (ILAP)

About:  ILAP provides free and low-cost immigration information and legal help to Maine residents with low incomes.

Phone:  (207) 780-1593 or toll free at 800-497-8505

See a map or visit the website.


Cumberland Legal Aid Clinic

About:  The Cumberland Legal Aid Clinic helps low-income individuals with civil, criminal, juvenile, and family law cases for a small fee. The Refugee and Human Rights Clinic, a program of the Cumberland Legal Aid Clinic, helps New Mainers with immigration matters for no cost. Clients are represented by law students who are specially licensed to provide legal services. To see if the Clinic has the capacity to take your case, call the number below.

Phone:  (207) 780-4370

See a map or visit the website.


KIDS Legal

About:  KIDS Legal provides legal help for low-income children and youth, including school and education cases, protection from abuse cases, guardianship cases, and emancipation cases.

Phone:  (207) 774-8246 or toll free at 1-866-624-7787

For more information, visit the website.